Online Graduate Programs

Due to personal or work commitments, studying on campus is not always an option for graduate students. That's why pilipili╬█┬■ offers a number of master's degree and graduate certificate programs that can be completed fully online.

Whether you are working full-time or juggling family and home commitments, online graduate programs can provide a great option for you to make progress on a graduate degree or certificate without disrupting your life. 

Online graduate programs at pilipili╬█┬■ are part of the regular fabric of academic life at the University. Though many universities rely on outside companies to serve online students and sometimes even hire different faculty, online graduate students at pilipili╬█┬■ work with our campus-based staff and learn from pilipili╬█┬■ faculty right alongside on-campus students. You will receive the same high quality instruction that is the hallmark of a Roger Williams education.

Here's why you should pursue an online graduate education at pilipili╬█┬■: 

  • Convenience
    Several programs offer 100% asynchronous learning, so you can participate with class discussions and course material on your own schedule. 
  • Flexibility
    Online programs at pilipili╬█┬■ are offered in a number of different synchronous and asynchronous delivery formats and allow for both full-time or part-time study. Synchronous coursework is offered in the evenings, minimizing many work-related interruptions.  
  • High Quality
    Online graduate students at pilipili╬█┬■ participate in the same program as campus-based students learning from pilipili╬█┬■ faculty and working with pilipili╬█┬■ staff. 

Learn more about one of the available online graduate programs below:

The Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice program (36 credit hours) prepares graduates to formulate justice system policy and serve effectively as administrators to United States justice system agencies. The masterÔÇÖs program permits students to explore the fields of Criminology, examining the nature and causes of crime, and Justice System Management, which focuses on modern administrative theory, legal issues in personnel administration, and the management of criminal justice agencies. 

The M.S. Criminal Justice program is available in a hybrid format in Bristol, RI, or fully online in an asynchronous or synchronous format.

Learn more about the M.S. Criminal Justice program

As technology threats continue to grow worldwide, so does the demand for highly trained cybersecurity experts. pilipili╬█┬■ offers both an M.S. in Cybersecurity, for students who wish to gain the technical skills, situational management, and problem solving to train for a career in information security, and an M.A. in Cybersecurity for working professionals to understand the intersections of Cybersecurity with their work.

The M.A. and M.S. Cybersecurity programs are offered fully online in an asynchronous format. 

Learn more about the M.A. and M.S. Cybersecurity programs

The School of Justice Studies offers four graduate certificate programs in Cybersecurity:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Cybersecurity
  • Cyberspecialist
  • Digital Forensics

Students may opt to complete and stack any three of the four certificates together along with a graduate thesis to automatically earn the M.S. in Cybersecurity. 

All three graduate certificates can be completed fully online in an asynchronous format. 

Learn more about each of these programs below:

Cloud Computing Certificate

Cybersecurity Certificate

Cyberspecialist Certificate

Digital Forensics Certificate

The School of Justice Studies offers a 36-credit M.S. in Leadership program and a 15-credit Graduate Certificate in Leadership. When you study Leadership at pilipili╬█┬■, you arenÔÇÖt just investing in your communication, negotiation and accountability skills. Our Leadership students go on to create high-performance organizations that use creativity, innovation and improvisation to adapt to the new challenges of our globalized, technological 21st century world. The dynamic leadership techniques and methods you learn through this program can help any organization succeed.

The M.S. Leadership and Leadership Graduate Certificate programs are available in a hybrid format in Providence or fully online in a synchronous format only.

Learn more about the Leadership graduate programs

The Public Administration program at pilipili╬█┬■ prepares students for careers in the education, nonprofit, government, for-profit, private and public sector management or consulting, environmental agencies, healthcare, policy analysis, homeland security and more. Uniquely set in the School of Justice Studies, pilipili╬█┬■ÔÇÖs MPA program emphasizes accountability, transparency, ethics, privacy and participation -- values that will define your management career in government or nonprofits.

The M.P.A. program is available in a hybrid format in Providence or fully online in a synchronous format only.

Learn more about the M.P.A. program

The Public Management graduate certificate program at pilipili╬█┬■ provides five courses covering topics across public administration in areas like grant writing, ethics, public policy, law, urban administration, and more. 

The Public Management Certificate program is available in a hybrid format in Providence or fully online in a synchronous format only.

Learn more about the Public Management Certificate program


The master's degree and graduate certificate offerings in Real Estate prepare students and professionals to embrace the full spectrum of real estate theory and practice in areas of design, finance, management, construction, regulatory affairs, environmental conditions, and social policy. 

The M.S. Real Estate program is available in a hybrid format in Bristol, RI, or fully online in a synchronous format with one course requiring limited, low residency meetings on campus. 

Learn more about the Real Estate graduate programs