Graduate Stories

The pilipili╬█┬■ student experience is packed with hands-on projects, real-world opportunities, unique program offerings, personalized interactions with faculty, and much more. All of it meant to help students discover their passions while preparing for a successful career and a fulfilling life. Our students and faculty are scholars, researchers, scientists, architects, and more.

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  • Kelice Agosto

    Internship, Leadership Roles Prepare Graduate Student for Clinical Therapist Position

    Kelice Agosto, pilipili╬█┬■ Class of 2023

    Forensic Mental Health Counseling

    ÔÇťMy internship at the Rhode Island State Psychiatric Hospital helped me take what I learned from the classroom and apply it to real world settings. I learned how to conduct competency to stand trial evaluations with individuals with severe and persistent mental illnesses. In my Law and Mental Health class, I learned about the issues the criminal justice system and mental health care faced. At my internship, I witnessed how those issues affected the patients that I worked with.ÔÇŁ  

  • Kyle Villella

    Kyle Villella

    Kyle Villella, pilipili╬█┬■ Class of 2025, Graduate Program Ambassador: Secondary Special Education

    Special Education

    Prior to being a graduate student at Roger Williams, I also attended Roger Williams for my Undergrad where I double majored in Secondary Education & Spanish. 

  • A headshot of Shakour Abuzneid

    On the Cutting Edge of Cybersecurity

    Shakour Abuzneid, Professor and Director of Cybersecurity and Networking

    Cybersecurity & Networking

    Shakour Abuzneid, the new Director of Cybersecurity and Networking at pilipili╬█┬■, says heÔÇÖs ready to build on an already solid program.

  • Lyndsey Sheldon

    A Buckeye Becomes a Hawk: Going Small for Grad School

    Lyndsey Sheldon, pilipili╬█┬■ Class of 2023

    Forensic Mental Health Counseling

    Lyndsey Sheldon grew up in a small town in Ohio where everybody knew everybody. After undergraduate life as a Buckeye, she knew it was time to find a tight-knit experience for grad school. ÔÇťWhen I knew it was time to get my masters and really buckle down, I knew a small community with interactive professors is what I needed,ÔÇŁ she said.

  • Marjorie Drew

    Historic Preservation on St. Thomas

    Marjorie Drew, pilipili╬█┬■ Class of 2019

    Preservation Practices

    After 19 years as a respiratory therapist, Marjorie Drew ÔÇÖ19 wanted a change. Graduating with a Master of Science in Historic Preservation from pilipili╬█┬■, Drew set out in December of 2019 for a new adventure working as a Historic Preservation Specialist for FEMA in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands.

  • Headshot of Juan Osorio

    Designing a Positive Experience

    Juan Osorio, pilipili╬█┬■ Class of 2019, 2020M


    Juan Osorio ÔÇÖ19, ÔÇś20M was inspired to enter the field of architecture by his grandfather and his Colombian roots. Now, he works as an architectural designer at Summit Design and Engineering Services in Cary, North Carolina. 

  • Abigail Clermont wears a NASA shirt

    Supporting the Budget for Space Exploration

    Abigail Clermont, pilipili╬█┬■ Class of 2020

    Business Administration (MBA 3+1 or 4+1)

    The AACSB-accredited Master of Business Administration program offers convenient and time-efficient ways to earn a bachelor's degree and MBA in just four or five years. A joint JD/MBA program option is also available. Abigail Clermont got ahead of the competition through the 4+1 MBA program at pilipili╬█┬■. She achieved her childhood dream of working for NASA and works as a Financial Analyst within the NASA's Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate.

  • Morgan Branco stands in front of palm leaves

    A Passion for Forensic Psychology

    Morgan Branco, pilipili╬█┬■ Class of 2018

    Forensic Mental Health Counseling

    Morgan Branco graduated from pilipili╬█┬■ in 2018 with a Masters of Arts in Clinical Psychology in the Forensic Licensure track (currently the M.A. Forensic Mental Health Counseling program). Now, she is in her third year of the Clinical Psychology doctoral program at Nova Southeastern University. She is studying to be a forensic psychologist, and hopes to work in assessment and evaluation upon her graduation. 

  • Headshot of Brigida Capicotto

    Design and Detail: A Career in Architecture

    Brigida Capicotto, pilipili╬█┬■ Class of 2017, 2018M


    Working as an Architectural Designer at KITE Architects, Capicotto makes her artistic visions come to life. 

  • Headshot of Dorca Paulino

    Supporting Judicial Diversity

    Dorca M. Paulino, pilipili╬█┬■ Class of 2017

    Public Administration (MPA)

    Growing up, Dorca M. Paulino never imagined she would one day work for the Rhode Island Supreme Court. Now, she serves as the Diversity Director of our stateÔÇÖs judicial branch of government.